Design and Production of Pellets from Forest Waste

The forest waste like waste leaves and dry grass are available in large volumes. Fuel pellets can be produced from forest waste which can be used as domestic fuel. Other domestic products can be produced from forest waste. It can also be helpful in conserving energy, saving forest trees from felling and keeping the environment clean. This study deals with processing of raw material and fuel pellets can be produced using press tools. Dry leaves and grass collected from the forest are grind them with the help of a grinder and then converted into a powder form. To get strength and desired form this powder mixed with the bonding agent. Starch is used as bonding agent obtained from boiled rice. After this mixture of powder and bonding agent is formed in the shape of pellets and logs with the help of press tools or extrusion presses. Fuel pellets can be made in large scale from forest waste which is available in abundance in the form of dry leaves, dry grass and other waste mentioned earlier. These fuel pellets can be used as an alternative sources of energy. In short millions of tons of forest waste can be converted into useful fuel pellets.

This idea can be beneficial to the society by the following manner.

  1. Increasing the livelihood of rural people
  2. It provides clean energy
  3. Increase the revenue of rural people
  4. Forest fires can arrested


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