Heat Engine - Solar or ANY Heat Source

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This device captures ALL power sources: Solar, fuel, wind, water motion, etc. adapting humanity to ANY energy.

Many MANY pistons in a closed-system provide the TIME to heat and cool the pistons for power generation from heat. Converting to non-heat power sources (wind & water) disconnects the link that pressures the system freeing the options of energy sources.

Solar Electric Generator applies ACRYLIC PARABOLIC MIRROR onto a Stirling Engine Closed Cycle, so no "Carbon" exhaust during solar use. In emergencies ANY heat source can be applied to keep the power generation, which provides Survival goals. Energy output is so much more than Solar Panels, so this Solar generator can be placed on TOP of City Skyscraper's roofs and equal MANY acres of Solar Panels.

Parabolic Mirror Solar Reflector Focus Point Heats One Line Of Pistons Forcing Open Pistons On Sprocket-2 To Rotate Sprockets. Sprocket-1 Pistons Go Down To Heat Zone. A flame of any heat source can be applied to keep the generator rotating. Wind blades can be lifted off the "Triangle" chain plates to power the device at nighttime with wind or wind blades can be water floats too on a moving river, waterfall, or irrigation ditch.

Ocean waves can also drive the generator by applying BlueOceanIoT.Blue Patent Pending Sensor-System that measures every dimension of physics with the smallest bandwidth over the Internet Of Things' Cloud to control the location, position, and speed control. BlueOceanIoT.Blue also synchronizes MANY Solar Generators speed by Artificial Intelligence data from 1-Infrared Camera observing many generators, sorting each generator to add or reduce heat source to keep synchronization to the GRID. BlueOceanIoT.Blue also has Patents Pending used to use one infrared camera to monitor ALL batteries temperature, so all "independent" Battery Sensors are eliminated too, One-Camera can sort for all the different items: Batteries, Electric Generators. etc. Simplified!



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    David Zornes
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    I learned as chair of 100-Anniv of Aerospace in SAE.org that structures should be simple and optimized for production.
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