Taming the Grid

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Alchemist784™ Ltd., an international R&D business, and their ThermalCUBE™ Energy Division, a member owned cooperative (ESOP, with all members sharing the successes of the company) is pleased to announce submission of their GEN3 CUBE GEN3 patent’s final claims outlining techniques and materials that create our unique phase change/linkable module thermal storage battery deployed on sites of use, as distributed Demand Response (DDR) utilizing existing building mechanicals for harvest and conversion of electrical power from ANY abundant source, flattening (eliminating Daytime Peak Demand Curves) while-integrating dynamically produced renewable energies into grid use without line congestive issues.

Our unique ‘Cradle to Cradle’ Sustainable GEN3 ThermalCUBEs™ consist of the highest quality materials, having no internal moving parts except the transfer fluids. Our closed loop systems rely on-analysis of advanced physics of ice to create devices which react in sync with ANY abundant electrical source for the input into Thermal Energy Storage (TES) and outputs to meet buildings’ demands for cooling energy needs when required, even simultaneously if needed. IUS buildings require an average 40% of their energy menu-up to 72% in Sunbelt areas for powering their AC/cooling comfort. ThermalCUBEs™ unique store and release capability allows for DirectSolar and/or Wind powered air conditioning in ANY building use or size.

Each linkable CUBE permanently shifts and stores 77.5kW of harvested / converted electrical energy as 22 tons of phase-changed Thermal Energy as (ICE) for cooling/air conditioning for up to 96 hours storage (without degradation), available on-demand for comfort and health-maintenance cooling.

When GEN3 ThermalCUBEs™ are used for direct Electronics cooling, such as Data Centers, several benefits occur:

Data output efficiency increases dramatically, up to 784X (the energy-density difference between air and water), meaning less consumed resources (power, water, etc.).

The requirement for massive amounts of Water is ELIMINATED (due to our closed loop ThermalCUBE™ cooling Storage system.)

Lower Electrical Power Demands-as the processors run significantly cooler with higher efficiency:- shown in NREL’s Technical Report , 2019. NREL@U.S. Department of Energ yOffice of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Operated by the Alliance for Sustainable Energy, Technical ReportNREL/TP-2C00-73356.

THE TESTS WERE DONE WITH AQUILLA’S COLD-PLATE SYSTEM using a warm input temp 0f 75°F on a wasteful open-warm water-loop r showing an average energy capture rate average of ±86% as ThermalCUBEs’™ GEN3 were not available due to being developed under Patent “Cloak of Secrecy” within Aquilla’s production facility . There was high interest in using ThermalCUBEs’™ Closed loop 38-45°F GEN 3 prototype, as calculations showed CUBEs improve Energy recovery in much shorter timeframes(additional processor efficiencies), eliminate water waste, and improve processor speed, reliability, while creating opportunity to operate the facility at a warmer ambient temperature resulting in Lower Operations’ Costs INCREASING DATA DENSITY, demanding a much smaller physical (square footage requirement), thereby, Reducing of their Carbon foot-print, and especially, Contributing to a happier, more secure Environment!


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