Ettridge Electric Carbon Brush Commutator

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The revolutionary and yet simple design of the Ettridge Carbon Brush Commutator uses proven low carbon brush technology to achieve the same results as an electronic controller for a Stepper or Synchronized electric motor or generator.

It is an improved flat or cylindrical mechanical electric commutator with neutral segments between the current carrying segments which allow the current carrying carbon brushes in a brush holder to pass from a negative current carrying segment to a positive current carrying segment or the opposite charge current in the base of the commutator without allowing the face or any part of the carbon brush to touch both the negative and positive segments in the base of the commutator at the same time. This results in the switching of the electric current to an energized coil of an electric motor, electrical generator or electric apparatus or device, at predetermined intervals and times to suit the design requirements of the energized coil, electric motor of the stepper, brushless DC and switched design, electric generator or electric apparatus or device. The commutator can accommodate single phase electrical circuits, double phase electrical circuits, three phase electrical circuits or any number of faces as required by the design specifications, all operating independently of each other.

The Ettridge Commutator was awarded a Gold Medal at The International Exhibition of Inventions & New Products held in Geneva, Switzerland in 2004. The advantages are the carbon brushes can be replaced with out expensive equipment, they have a lower manufacturing cost and are cost effective to repair so will not end up on the electronic component scrap heap.

Covered by US 20030090165A1 patent.


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