The primary goal of this concept is to provide an efficient means to capture energy that is produced offshore during off peak times for later use. It would employ a wind or solar powered compressor to condense a refrigerant at high pressures,

The MakerLisp COR24 microprocessor is a CPU architecture and implementation leveraging the unique performance benefits of low-cost FPGAs. This processor is a hedge against the rising costs and unpredictable availability of mass produced custom semiconductor microprocessor and micro-controller products.

The “I JET” is a fully electric private plane that recharges itself using ion collectors to harvest electric energy from the ionosphere. These ion collectors situated on the top of the plane are carbon/graphite/graphene based. According to the proof of concept by the Ion Power Group,

In the creation of MEOSPS from the NASA Skylab gymnastics video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1sr6aVzW9M) timestamp :27 to :30 along with timestamp 1:09 to 1:21 and from the NASA Skylab movement in microgravity video (

The Keshe Foundation presents the Universal Flight Enhancement Spaceship Unit as a revolutionary concept in space travel, space medicine, and space technology.

The prototype Flight Enhancement Spaceship Units are in production and undergoing final development,

There is an urgent need for more effective treatments for patients suffering from degenerative disc disease. Specifically in spinal fusion surgeries, incidents of nonunion- when the bones of the spine fail to fuse correctly- are high risk and can severely impact patients’ quality of life.

In this IoT-based real time water quality monitoring system, we have interfaced four pH, turbidity, TDS, temperature sensors, and we have interfaced two motors for inlet and outlet of samples.

An unmanned aerial system (UAS) that is worn on a person and can collect intelligence through video and other mounted sensors while projecting power through lethal or less than lethal means.

The unit is a lighter than air launcher that is reusable. The large envelope is not filled with helium but instead holds a vacuum for maximum bouyancy.

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