The Compressent Desk Chair is the first product that offers the therapeutic feature of self-regulated compression to enhance employee productivity. The benefits of pressure on the body have been proven to calm the nervous system. Several products aimed at providing compression have been introduced over the years,

We look at monitors all day. Computers, smart phones and television monitors are just a few. I present a monitor that can change the size of images, present simultaneous multiple images and, fitted with internal cameras,

The main goal of the developed Hypersonic UAV (HUAV) will be its use as a test platform for studying such a layout and the subsequent creation of a multifunctional cargo vehicle or a booster aircraft for a spacecraft.

In general, prototype models of aerospace vehicle, aircraft or high speed wing bodies (even in automobiles), objects are tested in a wind tunnel test facility to get theoretical data to design the object at optimum solutions.

The 3D printing industry has grown quickly over the last decade with average compound annual growth rates of around 27% leading to a market size of $17.7 billion in 2022. The use of 3D printing for large-scale polymer objects is also a high growth area,

There is a critical need for accurate real-time sensors to detect and identify microbial pathogens.

Problem Statement:
Wastewater that leaks out of defective pipe joints and cracks contaminate ground and surface water and cause a host of other problems, including pipe structure failures due to erosion of soil support, and sinkholes due to erosion of underground soil.

The Concert Hands System (CHS) is the first to utilize Robotics and Haptic Technology to teach piano playing in a new and non-traditional way. The future of piano learning is here.

Linshom (“to breathe”) is first to deliver continuous predictive respiratory monitoring to the patient bedside and home. We eliminate the morbidity, mortality and cost due to unrecognized respiratory compromise in healthcare with the first PREDICTIVE respiratory device vs. the current RESPONSIVE systems used today.

DreamBox aims to give a new concept to classic piggy banks by encouraging and educating children to save money in a fun way. It helps children save money for two separate goals. After they decide their goals, they can find the picture of their goals,

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