To extract professional-quality espresso, it requires 20Bar(290psi) pressure. And, mechanically it requires a water pump to disperse the hot water onto ground coffee.

In a conventional espresso-making apparatus, electric-powered water pumps for indoor use, and hand-pump-powered espresso makers have been widely used. However,


This system works by disrupting the surface tension of water that 1, forms a wedge under a tire due to a combination of velocity and water depth on the road/runway surface (Dynamic Hydroplaning) and 2, aerosolizing the thin layer of water on oil film that forms on paved

The optical and structural properties of a material determine how a surface absorbs, emits, transmits or reflects radiative energy. From the various methods for modifying the radiative properties of a surface, paints and coatings possess a clear advantage with respect to cost, ease of application, and simplicity.

Many viral and bacterial infections are airborne (such as COVID and Influenza), meaning they spread via pathogen-laden particles (aerosols and droplets) exhaled by an infected person when breathing, talking, coughing, or sneezing. In fact,

This entry contains a novel swarm control technology for aerospace applications that enable on-orbit servicing, collaboration, and coordination. Certain classes of reconfigurable modular robotics systems are intended to function like social insects or multicellular animals, where millions of cells work together to ensure the survival of the whole.

Our project is IR based home automation. In this project, we are using IR based wireless communication for controlling home appliances. Here microcontroller ATMega328P is used for controlling the whole process. We send some commands to the controlling system by using IR TV/DVD remote for controlling AC home appliances.

Airborne transmission of respiratory pathogens such as COVID and Influenza is a major concern, especially within confined indoor environments with multiple occupants: shared work offices, call centers, classrooms, theaters, etc. There is a high risk of cross-infection in these enclosed environments,

An optical refractometer has a uniquely designed and patented low-cost hybrid optical prism that channels light from a light source to an optical surface interfacing with the fluid to be detected. Depending on the refractive index of the fluid and other determining factors,

The Present Invention Breaks New Ground in Physics, as it is an Apparatus that Will Demonstrate that Positrons can be generated quite easily in Real Time,

The typical sources for renewable energy utilize wind, hydro, or solar. In regards to solar, the predominant devices used are solar panels to convert solar energy into electricity. However, despite their apparent environmental benefits, solar panels are fabricated using toxic chemicals, metals, and processes that exist throughout the production,

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