Driving Safety Improvements

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Measures to reduce collisions, injuries, death and the resulting cost to society and environment.

  1. Require vehicle motion data and visual recording systems in all new vehicles to provide information about travel and driver behavior before and during vehicular collisions. Disable vehicle engine or activate limp-home mode for a minimal time and travel distance; activate hazard warning flashers; and notify law enforcement upon detection of a collision above a threshold likely to result in property damage or injury to passengers or others outside the vehicle. Utilize built-in image recording equipment and accelerometers to assist with incident analysis. Systems to be triggered on impact.
  2. Measure and analyze driver attention and focus during operation to alert occupants to driver inattention, distraction, fatigue and/or sleeping with loud audio and tactile warning such as seat or steering wheel shaking. Alert other drivers by activation of hazard warning flashers.
  3. Reduce vehicle headlight maximum mounting height permitted to prevent blinding glare which disables other vehicle operators in nearby traffic. Redefine aiming standard to ensure glare is below the visually perceived level for at least 95% of vehicle operators.
  4. Require manual activation of auxiliary forward lighting each time the vehicle is started using a logic or latching relay method.
  5. Incorporate ambient light sensors and solar ephemeris data into vehicle control system to automatically activate all required lighting when visibility is reduced, and between 30 minutes before sunset to 30 minutes after sunrise when sun glare is at its extreme. Activated systems will include headlight Meeting Beams, rear markers, side markers, license plate, and instrument lights. Deactivate Main Beams when opposing traffic is detected.
  6. Require driver warning when required lighting has failed, and notify proper authorities when such failed equipment is nonfunctional beyond a reasonable period of time.
  7. Require a vehicle speed sensor to deactivate prohibited and non-required lighting such as cargo, bed, loading, or work lights upon vehicle motion at speeds above 5 mph.
  8. Require Vehicle Safety Inspections using a national standard to test and verify proper operation and adjustment of required equipment, and to prevent unsafe vehicle alterations to suspension, wheel offset or track width, excess or inadequate vehicle height and clearance above the road surface, suspension damping components, exhaust quieting, and distracting vehicle ornamentation such as flashing or colored lighting fitted within required equipment or elsewhere on the vehicle.
  9. Require consistent vehicle bumper height front and rear to match other vehicle bumpers.
  10. Revoke the specification permitting optical combination of brake and turn signal lights; allow only optically combined rear marker & brake.
  11. Required Operator Training
  12. Create and implement comprehensive Drivers Road Testing for all licensed drivers in stages as licenses expire to ensure driver competency under conditions reasonably expected to occur while driving, and offer Driver Safety and Performance training to any failing such Drivers Road Test.
  13. Require disabling software on driver’s mobile device to encourage focus on the driving task.
  14. Lobby for law enforcement to allow obstructed view as a primary offense.


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    Desire to avoid death in a fiery collision while driving.
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