Adding Pulse by Controlling Impulse

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My idea aims to add greater safety factor to automotive vehicles by addressing the human side of the driving using the below approach:

  1. Detect unruly or impulsive behavior through measurable responses such as constant abnormal acceleration/braking, rapid steering movements, continual over-speeding beyond a set safe speed, etc.
  2. Such inputs would be detected real time through an on-board TCU and constantly compared with “normal driving” values.
  3. Any deviation beyond normal limits will trigger voice/audio or screen speak messages (pre-recorded using driver’s family members or friend’s voices that were stored on cloud) in real time basis through the infotainment system that aim to “pacify” the impulsive instincts of the driver thereby leading to safe driving throughout the trip.
  4. I believe the "emotional connect" any driver has with his family members or friends will be of immense help when "activated" through infotainment system message upon detection of harsh driving and can have a soothing effect on the mind of the driver at that instant enabling him/her to recourse to a safe driving pattern.

Below is an example of what I propose through this idea:

  • Pattern detected; proposed voice prompt
  • sudden braking/acceleration "come home safe" / flash family picture on infotainment screen
  • rapid steering movements "What is your plan on your birthday/anniversary? Drive safely to celebrate it"!
  • Speed exceeding 90/100 kph "Daddy, you’re driving too fast, please slow down."

The crux of my idea is centered around “human safety” using techniques such as data analytics, image processing, etc. under the gamut of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Real time data processing will happen on an on-board TCU (telematics control unit), which upon detection of rash driving signals, will fetch corresponding audio and/or video messages from a cloud to play back real time through the Infotainment system in the vehicle.


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    Yogesh Jaju
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    The foremost motivation is to enable safe driving for all drivers
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    Python, Raspberry pi
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