The Resurrector - Portable EV Solar Charger

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The Resurrector is a portable EV solar charger that can be directly plugged into the charge port of a Tesla.

By utilizing small solar nodules via miniature antennae-like sensors, a maximum field view can be obtained during sparse sunlight and limited directional positioning.

The portable charger entails a flat semi beveled surface 18 inches in diameter, which plugs directly into the vehicles charge port while the vehicle is being driven. As the vehicle is in operation, the solar charger reverses a limited amount of battery drainage by maintaining state of charge, resupplying solar energy to the battery.

The design is slim, lightweight and fits snuggly to the surface of the rear quarter panel directly over the charge port, locking into to place as the vehicle is in motion.

There will be remote access via phone APP as well as the vehicles bluetooth capabilities and pairing, for monitoring solar magnitude.


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