eWheel End for Tractor/Semi-Trailer Tractive Power and Power Generation

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New World Product Solutions has developed an eWheel End Concept for semi-trailer Tractive Power and Power Generation by placing a motor-alternator/drive unit directly inboard of the brake mechanism of the rigidly suspended wheel ends of each Trailer axle. To accomplish this, an Independent Suspension System is used. Tractive Power is applied to each wheel end. Electrical Power is generated through Regenerative Braking to charge the battery pack and to reduce Green House Gas Emissions (GHG) of the Tractor. Control of the Tractive Effort and the Power Generation is through a Proprietary Interface and a central computer.

The eWheel End can, also, be applied to the Tractor axles, replacing the petroleum engine. Motor-alternator/drive unit eWheel Ends with the rigidly mounted Independent Suspensions would be placed at each axle position for the Rear Drive Axles. The front axle position would be fitted with a Steerable eWheel End Unit Axle.

Additional benefits to the design are Torque Vectoring Capability, as well as, Steerable Wheel Ends at each wheel position for Stability Control, improved Maneuverability, and Anti-Jackknifing.


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