Electroverse 90: Sensor Assisted Electric Vehicle with Individual Wheel Rotation in 2D

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Innovations in electric vehicles are undoubtedly crucial for the future of the automotive industry. This project aims to open doors towards the concept of green mobility with features that portray the advantages of battery-operated vehicles over traditional fuel-powered ones. This will change the way that we have thought of cars up until now. Our objective is to design, simulate and manufacture an electric vehicle that steers via a complex wheel-hub assembly that can allow free rotation of individual wheels up to angles of 90 degrees whilst simultaneously ensuring an efficient means of power transmission. Moreover, a series of sensors are attached to the vehicle to assist the driver and detect potential accidental hazards.

The objective is to manufacture an eco-friendly electric vehicle that can reduce the problems of pollution, accidents, traffic, parking and give the users an experience of a lifetime by eliminating driving restrictions and immense handling skills required to drive a car. This model is 37.5% more efficient than the previous similar mechanisms because of minimized motors utilization overcoming similar tasks. Some key features of the model include:

  • 90-Degree Wheel Rotation
  • Parallel Parking
  • Swift Lane Changing
  • Crab-Walking (Diagonal Movement)
  • Minimized Turning Radius
  • Electronic Steering System
  • Safety Monitoring and Driver’s Assistance
  • Display for Driver’s Visualization



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  • Name:
    Muhammad Hashir Rehan
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    Ali Hamza
    Amina Qaisar
    Asfand Yar Qureshi
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    Solidworks, ANSYS Workbench, Fusion 360, MATLAB, ADAMS, COMSOL
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    Painting, football, reading, car enthusiast
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    SolidWorks and ANSYS Workbench
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