KUHMUTE, Universal Charging Network for Anything Smaller than an Electric Car

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Think of why Tesla is a game changer in the EV space. While their vehicles are very innovative, their vast charging network is a large reason why they are so popular. Now, the most popular electric vehicles in the US/World today aren't actually electric cars, but electric bikes and other smaller forms of mobility. Where is the infrastructure to support parking and charging these vehicles? There currently is NONE.

Here at KUHMUTE we are changing this. We are the charging network for anything smaller than an EV. Our charging hubs are able to park and charge escooters, bikes, wheelchairs, delivery robots and more all in the same place. We design, assemble and make our hubs right here in Flint, MI and are working to deploy our network throughout North America and soon all over the world.

Since inception in 2018, it has been our mission to accelerate the usage of the World’s most sustainable forms of transportation, Micromobility. Through accessible & user friendly infrastructure, we know we will directly impact Micromobility, and our environment, in a positive way.



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    Peter Deppe
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    Peter Deppe, Scott Spitler, Jon Larr, Edward Wenzel, Melody Denby, Austin Hindman, Jared Robinson, Preston Gage, Carter Holmes
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    Our inspiration is to create the most accessible and usable infrastructure in the World to support increased adoption of the most sustainable forms of Mobility.
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    Fusion 360
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