Gator - Instant Electric Plug-In Conversion for 18-Wheeler

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The Gator is an intermediate trailer that houses batteries and an electric motor to instantly convert any semi-tractor into a plug-in hybrid.

The Gator will revolutionize the transportation and shipping industry to quickly convert many tractors to run mostly on grid power. The key market demographic consists of trucking companies operating intrastate routes. Current technology promises to extend fuel economy and offer a modular approach to the energy transition.

Gator Mid-Trailer instantly converts any conventional semi tractor into a plug-in hybrid. The Gator detects motion and after a preset delay assists motion in this direction. Trucking companies will manage fleets of Gators to maximize operational availability

  • Instant plug-in electric conversion
  • Push-assist
  • Regenerative braking
  • Electric motor and batteries on board
  • Adds ~11’ to 40’ trailer setup
  • 450 kWh battery capacity
  • 800 km assist range


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