Shock Absorber (Vacuum Powered)

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"Vacuum (Negative Energy)" as Shock Damping Energy Source.

It uses the “Contraction Force of Vacuum” as potential damping energy.

In order for the “Negative Energy(Vacuum)” to function as Shock Damping Force, it inversely structured the location of where Damping Energy is stored.

The conventional Shock Absorbers that use Positive Energy Sources, use compressed Air, Nitrogen Gas, or Oil as damping energy sources, and the principle behind them is the Viscous Damping(which uses heat energy). Therefore, these Compressed Damping Energy Sources are structurally stored after the “Piston(of cylinder rod)” in the direction where the shock is being applied to.

Whereas this Vacuum Shock Absorber stores the “Negative Energy(Vacuum)” on the opposite side of the “Piston” which is in the opposite direction of where the shock is being applied to. By nature, the Vacuum(Energy) increases its contraction force as expanded. So, the Larger the vacuum storage space expanded the stronger the reaction(contracting) force it becomes.

Since the Negative Energy doesn’t rely on the particle reactions of quantum energy, the magnitude of potential energy is not affected by the Surrounding Temperature and the Working Temperature. The magnitude of filled(generated) Vacuum Energy in the Vacuum Shock Absorber remains constant.

Additionally, you can generate any magnitude of “Negative Energy” efficiently.

This invention does not vacuum down from the Chamber (conventional vacuuming), it vacuums down from the tiny, small, micro space where one molecule of air can literally exist. By vacuuming down from the micro space that is physically considered nearly nothing it can make the process of manufacturing(generating) of Vacuum Energy efficient.

[Generating the Vacuum per Needed Application]
It is best to use One Fixed Size of Cylinder Type Pump as a Vacuum Pump, and you connect it to the Vacuum Shock Absorber(where the bottom end of the Piston contacts with inside of the Cylinder housing) and do the Pump Down by Pulling the said Cylinder Type Pump. And, based on how much Negative Pressure is generated by moving One Cycle of the Vacuum Pump, you can size your Vacuum Pump capacity to smaller or larger so that One Cycle of Pump-Down can achieve the desired Negative Pressure. Manufacturing the desired Potential Energy(Vacuum) is done in less than 1 sec.

The Greatest Benefit of this technology is:

  1. 100N of Potential Energy or 10,000N Potential Energy can be stored in a smaller form-factor than a Watch Battery. Regardless of What Magnitude of Potential Energy is Needed, it can be stored in Micro Space.
  2. It remains at Constant Pressure in all temperatures.
  3. Can be used in Non-Magnetic Material is required.

Unlike the previous Springs(Shock Absorbers), which include Coil Springs, and GAS Shock Absorbers, the Vacuum Shock Absorber’s Damping Energy Itself weighs ZERO, and takes up ZERO Space, and the Pressure Remains Constant in Freezing Winter or Hot Desert Summer.

Attached are:

  1. Vacuum Shock Absorber
  2. Vacuuming Process Layout
  3. Adaptive Shock Absorber & Struts Variations


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