Clean Air for a Better Environment

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The community welcomes their SULO Bins almost everywhere worldwide. These bins are seen as a very appreciated service and hold great credibility for what tasks they perform. Such SULO Bins are therefore the ideal community service to add a lid with greenhouse gas capture benefits to reduce the methane, carbon dioide and nitrogen oxides in the atmosphere. And being solar powered PV, the lids are a complete self-contained system to filter the air and capture carbon which has a commercial value.

The revenue from the carbon capture can be distributed by the local government agency that provides the bins and the community members that regularly put the bins out on the road edge. Indeed, in some areas, the bins could stay on the road curbside. Such bins can also be fitted with appropriate GPS beacons to support last mile delivery drones, (that can land on the SULO Bin lids), automated car navigation and remote systems like the regular bin pickups.


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