Integrated Display of Vehicle Views

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Automobile displays such as engine temperature and oil pressure are being displaced by audible alarms and readouts on monitors with a simple digital readout for MPH. For the few applications that use a tachometer, its display can be overlaid on the front view when the driver’s hand touches the shift knob. That leaves a lot of space on the dashboard under the windshield. That area can be used effectively for a display of vehicle views as shown in the simplified diagram.

Camera Locations
The front view camera is located top center of the windshield. The rear view camera is located top center of the rear window. Cameras for the side views are located high on the front of the front fenders. This location eliminates blind spots with the cameras set to give wide views.

Advantages of Display Integration
With the displays integrated just below the windshield, the driver, thanks to peripheral vision, sees the view from all four cameras without taking their eyes off the road.

On a multilane highway, the driver is provided with a dynamic sense of his position within the traffic around him.

To focus on a particular view, the driver does not have to turn their head as with the conventional mirror setup: they need turn only their eyes. The time difference alone could save having an accident.

Advantages of Cameras over Mirrors

  • Using small camera lenses, they are easier to keep clean than mirrors, using current technology.
  • Camera displays do not transmit glare.
  • Display brightness can be adjusted manually and automatically.
  • Night vision can be employed.


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