Electric Drive Module to Retrofit Any Vehicle to Pluggable Hybrid

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The new EDM (electric drive module) design works with any and all vehicles that have standard front, rear, or all wheel drive. The unit mounted behind the engine under the vehicle adds a high torque, highly efficient electric drive unit that works in conjunction with the vehicles gas engine.

When no electric drive is required, the EDM passes the energy through, generating electricity only if you want to "charge" the batteries. When electric drive assistance is required it is applied either in hybrid mode (adding to the engine output) or electric mode (powering the vehicle without the internal combustion engine).

This solution revolutionizes the transportation industry, and will rapidly expand and increase the availability and adoption of electric vehicle for everyone.


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    David Varner
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    Making clean running vehicles available to everyone by retrofitting the existing vehicles for a fraction of the cost of building new electric vehicles. This will allow the mass migration via retrofitting to cleaner burning worldwide transportation. Making things better through the peaceful application of advanced technology.
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