N-connect Concept for 2050

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A concept has been developed for the year 2050 that shows the possibility of people connecting to each other through means of transport that is a shared mobility. The scenario is based on the new way of living in the changed environment in the year 2050. It shows people's new travel experience. It has the autonomous drive and charging for the vehicle, which would be balanced on gyroscopic technology so the user can have a great riding experience. Also,  it has the greenhouse/the place where users would be. The vehicle is detachable which helps to connect in a better way to places. The vehicle itself creates a new segment of the vehicle.


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    Dhiren Swami
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    As a transportation Design Student , it always been complete passion toward the mobility and all, always pushes me to think of the innovation & providing new experience to the users in different means of mobility , and my design is inspired by the nature , leaves & ant weaver on leaves , a different approach toward the mobility.
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    Hand sketches, Adobe Photoshop
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