Advanced Passive Cooled Battery Pack

We are developing an advanced phase change based passive battery pack for EV applications. Regions like india where summer temperature reaches 45 degrees needs better thermal management solutions which enhance the adoption for technology. We came up with passive cooled battery pack. These battery packs enhance battery life, safety, long term cost of ownership. These passive cooling technologies are actually green and can help in mitigating polution caused by internal combustion engines along with added benefits of passiveness. 4 percent of greenhouse gases are generated due to cooling systems. Our passive cooling technology is helping to fight against climate change.


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    Bhimashankar Wangaskar
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    Bhimashankar Wangaskar
    Dhananjay Gavas
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    Increasing climate concerns needs better solutions for automotive sector. Electric vehicles adoption was increasing but countries like india needs better solution for battery thermal management. Hence design idea was generated. Design was based on heat transfer capabilities and space availability.
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