Larger Wheel Car Design Idea

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Most car wheel diameters are in the range of 14 to 19 inches with such car following is submitted.

  1. For a car with wheel diameter 14 inch (radius R= 17.8 cm) ,Circumference = 2πR, then the circumference is 111.78 cm or 1.11 meter.
  2. For a larger wheel diameter of 28 inch (radius R=35.56 cm), circumference =2πR, the, the circumference is 223.31 cm or 2.23 meter.

That means in no.(1) above, to cover 100 m distance wheel must rotate 100 m/1.11 m = 90 times, and to cover 1000 m or 1 km distance the wheel must rotate 900 times for the given fuel.

While, in the example no. (2) Above to cover 100 m distance the wheel must rotate 100/2.23 = 45 times and to cover 1000 m or 1 Km distance the wheel must rotate 448 times for the given fuel.

This means the larger the wheel diameter, lesser the number of rotation to cover 1000 meter for the given fuel or smaller wheel diameter car may consumes more fuel to cover 1000 m distance than the larger wheel car. Image (I) shows a normal car while with slight modification for axle fittings larger wheel can be fitted for the same car as shown in image (II).

The same concept may be considered in a different way, as illustrated in image (III) where the conveyor belt has been shown in place of a tire.

This is like an ellipse whose perimeter is:
P= 2π (√(a^2+b^2)/2.

If a= major axis = 2 m and b= minor axis =0.5 m then perimeter = 9.1 meter. With such perimeter to cover 100 m distance a car would require to rotate conveyor belt for only 11 times. And to cover distance of 1000 m conveyor belt would require to rotate only for 110 times or 1009 times to cover 10 km distance. This means with such modifications in wheel design car would cover larger distances with lesser amount of fuel.

With increasing fuel cost everywhere, future cars need to be designed to cover larger distances with lesser fuel. Larger wheel diameter or conveyor rubber belt could provide better solution. Some modifications required to be made while designing a car to fit proposed tyre and conveyor belt design. Such as extended axle assembly and elevated car structure.


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