Aircar = Electric Car + Helicopter + Plane

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The 21st century is the future. And this future must be better than the past. The car was invented in the 19th century, the helicopter at the beginning of the 20th. The 21st century should give us the means to drive on the roads without problems and fly like a bird.

This project represents the aircar, the transport of the future that we imagined while reading the fiction of Sheckley, Simak and the Strugatskys.

The device is designed to travel on the road, like an electric car, and through the air, like a helicopter or plane. In all cases, the aircar is driven by electric motors, and the battery serves as the energy source.

The device has an original design. When folded, the wings of the aircar are assembled like the wings of birds at the back, and do not interfere with the driver to move on wheels. Using the take-off area next to the road, the driver, without getting out of the car, can unfold the wings to the working position and take off, and then land, fold the wings and drive on. For safety, the aircar is equipped with an emergency parachute.

There are three driving modes:

  1. Electric car, Figure 1. In this mode, the wings are folded at the back, the electric car is driven by electric motors located in the wheels.
  2. Tricopter, Figure 2. Wings rotate at an angle of 120 degrees from their original position. Such a scheme allows, like a helicopter, to take off vertically and masterfully maneuver in flight.
  3. Airplane, Figure 3. For long-haul flights, the wings rotate 90 degrees from their original position. In this form, the aircar can take off, fly and land like an airplane.

Aircar in flight mode is powered by 3 impellers, 2 of which are located at the ends of the wings and can rotate relative to the wing. The third impeller is located at the rear and can be rotated relative to the body of the aircar. The coordination of the operation of the impellers and the preservation of the stable flight mode is carried out by the on-board computer.

The novelty of the device - original design, original way of folding wings and impellers; the device can fly in two ways - like a helicopter and like an airplane.

Manufacturability - the device does not have components and parts that would be unknown today. The cost of an aircar will be same electric car. You can organize the production of such an aircar at any car factory. The imaginary market for such a device is hundreds of thousands per year.

Practical application - this device can significantly change the world around us. In fact, an ordinary person will master the third dimension and will be as comfortable in it as on the ground.


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