Kirat Wheelchair

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Kirat is an electric-powered wheelchair with facilities that can be adjusted according to the user’s needs in terms of balance, the level of comfort, and everyday life requirements. This wheelchair has the unique capacity to be adjusted with the places and paths when the wheelchair is stopped or while it is moving. Kirat has the following options:

  • To increase/decrease the length of the wheelchair.
  • To change the wheels’ diameter (the diameter of front wheel can be increased to 60 cm (23.622”), if necessary.)
  • To increase/decrease the wheels’ contact surface width on soft and slippery surfaces.
  • Maintain a permanent balanced vertical position of the user as to the balanced surface on uneven, slope places and paths and stairs by a suspension system and balance system.
  • To choose the required postures on the seat such as seated, standing, horizontal, comfortable, lifting while seated.
  • To use solar energy panel.
  • To use umbrella and canopy which is folded at the back of the chair.
  • To carry on a load and passenger.
  • Other safety equipment and facilities.



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    Hassan Eslami
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    As an inventor with a disability, I have been inspired by the imagination of being able to move and having safe positions and the usual speed of movement in all places and paths, smooth and uneven, as well as stairs and slopes.
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