Hawk Aerocar

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The Hawk Aerocar

Ever since people have gazed into the sky and wondered as birds soared overhead, mankind has desired to fly – to take off by themselves and fly to any destination they wanted. This is now possible and without congested airport and overbooked planes. The Hawk Aerocar delivers a uniquely personal transportation solution – the ability for anyone with a driver’s license to drive their car into a personal Hawk flight module, secure their car in the module, and take off to any destination imaginable. The best part is that once they land, they can drive away in their own car.

The technology exists and has been safely and reliably demonstrated with drone aircraft. Electrically powered drones have proven sustainable, safe, and reliable flight capability. The Hawk Aerocar uses electrically-powered drone technology with multi-rotor lift motors in a flight module tailored for a personal automobile for the power and crew compartment. The car’s engine and fuel supply are used to minimize total vehicle weight which leverages the automobiles design, safety, and reliability.

After driving your electrically powered car inside the flight module, you activate the coupling unit which lowers the flight module down to the car’s roof, raises the lower section of the flight module which secures the car inside the flight module. Electrical power supply and controls are connected automatically between the car and flight module to deliver power from the car’s engine to the flight motors. Flight controls are connected from the in-console joystick controller to the flight control unit installed on the flight module. The car’s electrical power is diverted to the lift rotors to achieve flight.

Illustration 1 shows the Millenium Hawk Aerocar with the car installed and secured inside the flight module. This shows the upper rotor drive section of the flight module compressed down onto the top of the automobile and the lower section of the flight module raised up to secure the vehicle in place.

Illustration 1: Hawk Aerocar in the flight module

Illustration 2 shows the flight module in standby mode with the rotors raised to provide clearance for the automobile to be driven inside. The flight module’s lower section rests on the ground for the car to enter/exit the module. Once the automobile is properly located, four telescoping arms lower the rotor section onto the car, then raise the module’s lower section to capture the car in position for flight operations.

Illustration 2

Car driving into the flight module with telescoping arms extended for vehicle entry.

The Hawk Aerocar provides personal flight capability with an automobile allowing the driver to have ground transportation after arriving at their destination. The flight module remains in place as the driver heads away.

Having the engine and fuel supply integrated in the automobile facilitates service, refuel operations, navigation, and GPS tracking. A production electric-drive automobile provides vehicle comforts, manufacturing, and coast-to-coast support for the vehicle. Four lift rotors generate lift for the vehicle, and are positioned for maximum flight stability and operation.


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