Shock Wave Engine

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Over the past several years we have been inventing a new internal combustion engine called the shock wave engine. Compared with the traditional engine's 30-40% efficiency, this shock wave engine would be in the range of 70% and higher. The invention has been granted a patent in IP Australia, passed examination in the EU patent office, USA patent office, Japan patent office and other countries.

The new engine can be used in a car, aircraft or railway. As the world's first high efficiency shock wave engine it can replace the diesel or Otto engine and open a new chapter in the transportation industry. With modern IT technology the construction of this type of engine is now much easier and cheaper than the traditional diesel or Otto engine.

The shock wave engine we invented can replace the current diesel or Otto engine. That means all current airplanes, trains, ships, missiles for civil or military uses could potentially be fitted with the modern fuel-efficient shock wave engine. Therefore, this could cover a very large proportion of the transportation industries.

Top engine company in Germany will provide the hands-on technical support for building shock engine car if you required. For building the hypersonic aircraft or floating train, we may provide some assistance if required.


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