Rotating Tires Generate Piezoelectricity by Providing Built-In Piezoelectric Transducers in an Array of Flexible Elements

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Tip Path Inc.— FREEDOM To “GO” 10-Times Further

Rotating TIRES Generate Piezoelectricity By Providing Built-In Piezoelectric Transducers In An Array Of Flexible Load-Bearing Structures Made From Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) Filled With Crystals, So Load-Bearing Structures Spring UP and DOWN As Tires Rotate Within FLAT-Zone Between Tire & Road Sending Electricity To A Circuit Charging Batteries. No "Motion-Resistance" Is Added. 1-Electric Bike With 2-Tires? 10-Times Further From Piezoelectricity.

1st Picture: Load-Bearing Structures Generate Electricity By Springing UP & DOWN Tip Path Tires With Piezoelectric Elements Added Generates Electricity By Array Springing UP & DOWN While Rotating Flexible GFRP Array that enters the FLAT-Zone On Road Spring Down ON
FLAT-Zone On Road
Flexible GFRP (5 & 6) Spring UP (1) Exiting FLAT-Zone (9) Increasing Angle (3).
Spring Down (2) Entering FLAT-Zone (9) Reducing Angle (4)
Point (8) On GFRP (5 & 6) Moves a Greater Distant (4) Than (3) When In FLAT-Zone (9)

2nd Picture:
Inflated Tire Piezoelectric Wafers Are Arrayed In Tire TUBE

Option NOT in Pictures:
NASA Rover Wheels Are Woven Flexible Springy Curved Spokes Also Can Have Piezoelectric Transducers Connected to the Spokes Ends or Between Flexibility Points, never done before. Gas & Liquid movements also adds to electricity. BlueOceanIoT®.blue ’s
Patent Pending is used to CONTROL Electric Charging Systems. US Patents Pending


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