New Rotary Engine Using Detonation Combustion

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This innovation relates to the field of rotary internal combustion engines. This is new type of rotary engines (VSD- engines, hereinafter VSD) which use detonation type of combustion and three thermodynamic cycles (intake-detonation-exhaust). VSD was designed at 2018-2019 (Rotary-vane mechanism for engines and compressors. US patent application US 17/125,352, 12.23.2021; Rotary-blade mechanism, Patent of Ukraine #142335; 25.05.2020).

At 2021-2022 we made two prototypes in Ukraine.

The VSD were tested about 2 years, using different type of fuel and rotation parameters.

Main advantages of VSD before common piston and Wankel engines are:

  • Lower nosy and vibration level
  • Easy design and machinability
  • Higher power to weight and volume ratio
  • Capability to work at very low rotation speed (60-200 rpm)
  • Multi-fuels (hydrogen, propane, gasoline, alcohol, natural gas).

If we compare VSD parameters with conventional piston engines of equal power, the following advantages of VSD should be noted:

  • Two to three times lighter
  • Three to four times more compact
  • Cheaper in production by five to six times
  • More economical in fuel consumption by 8-13%
  • Very good running with hydrogen.

VSD design has a casing formed by a quasi-cylindrical tubular shell and two flat walls on which the main shaft is supported. There is one blade sliding freely inside the shaft, perpendicular to its axis. The axis of rotation of the shaft is shifted relative to the center of the shell, so that the surface of the shaft is in close contact with the shell. Accordingly, a sealing plate is additionally located in this place. On one side of the shaft in the shell there are openings for the intake of the combustible mixture, on the other side - the exhaust gas outcoming. The inlet opening is equipped with a one-way valve that opens only in the direction of the inlet and automatically locks the combustion chamber at the moment of detonation. Approximately 60 degrees from the intake window in the course of rotation of the rotor, there are one or two spark plugs that initiate detonation in the combustion chamber. A special mixer is also required, located directly at the one-way valve.

Parameters of the prototypes are given below:

  • Geometry: outer diameter 79 mm; length 85 mm.
  • Weight 1.4 kg.
  • Combustion chamber volume 27 cc.
  • Power at 3000 rpm 3.4 kW.
  • Liter capacity 126 kW/liter.
  • Stable rotor rotation from 80 to 3000 rev/min.
  • Maximum torque at 3000 rev/min is 28 Nm.
  • Power to weight ratio 2.4 kW/kg.
  • Fuel consumption in the range of 100-130 g/ kW hour.

In accordance with the data, it is possible to list the application options for VSD:

  • Auxiliary engines for ships and aircraft
  • Starter motors for diesel engines
  • Small aircrafts
  • Watercrafts (boats, yachts, motorboats)
  • Hybrid cars and aircrafts
  • Small devices (lawn mowers, power saws, electric generators, compressors, water pumps and so on)
  • Portable energy sources for exoskeletons for military and civilian purposes (hydraulics, pneumatics, electricity).



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