Jet Engine Electric Motorcycle Hybrid “Malevolence”

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Described is “Malevolence,” a hybrid electric motorcycle, including an electric motor and jet engine. The vehicle combines a traditional electric motor, powered by battery, rotating the rear wheel with torque via a chain drive, and a secondary engine utilizing an air ducting array augmented with ramjet technology, able to propel the vehicle additionally via thrust. The rationale for two engines on the vehicle is borne from a need for both efficiency and exhilaration.

With a concerted desire to rid the market of fossil fuel-based vehicles, the motorcycle market has quickly become inundated with electric bikes. For performance, electric vehicles do well against their polluting counterparts, but in design and utter coolness, these new vehicles have proven to be incredibly boring. The best anyone has been able to accomplish is to make an electric motorcycle look, and act, like their gasoline-powered predecessors. That’s lame.

What’s needed is an improvement in technology and design to make electric vehicles simultaneously more efficient, while also being relevant for a market that demands innovation beyond the expected: an exciting new method of design and propulsion.

Using a traditional electric motor for lower speeds is an optimal design. Physical torque in spinning the rear wheel is needed to initiate the forward momentum. Up to approximately 40mph, the traditional electric motor is the most efficient method of propulsion. But exceeding this speed, efficiency in the electric motor begins to decline due to increased drag, friction, and other hinderances. However, it is at this speed that utilizing thrust for propulsion becomes, and then remains, increasingly more efficient.

Without the needs of a traditional internal-combustion engine (and the corresponding transmission, exhaust, etc.), there is space available for a complimentary engine. This ramjet engine is fed from intake vents on the bottom and front of the motorcycle. It may also include diffusers and/or mechanical diaphragms. Ramjets need to already have air movement before use, and aside from the naturally vented air, internally mounted EDF impeller jets would help to dramatically increase airspeed, and ultimately thrust. This would accumulate toward the rear of the vehicle and be expelled out the back at dramatically increased force.

As a safety feature on all motorcycles, a certain amount of noise must be made by the machine so that others on the road can identify that a motorcycle is present. This noise is often engineered as a popping roar in larger vehicles, or a whiny scream in smaller ones. With this design, the impellers and ramjet arrangement make more than enough noise without having to engineer the sound artificially. And the sound, and performance, of a jet engine on a motorcycle is terrifyingly awesome.

The ramjet itself has two modes. As sold, it comes in an “Eco Mode,” using air and electricity for thrust via ducting and EDF impeller air compression. With an optional aftermarket propane afterburner installed, the motorcycle can maximize thrust, speed, and ultimate coolness.

“Malevolence” is everything you ever were afraid of.

Michael Cikraji, the creator, claims patent protection on this idea.


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