Portable Self Leveling Motorcycle Accessory Headlamp

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This application is designed to allow for safer travel in low light conditions for motorcyclists.

Due to the low cost manufacture of this unit it will allow for an easy uptake among the general riding population.

Motorcycles generally fare poorly in accidents and create a high medical cost with associated high Insurance costs.

This lamp holds many benefits. Whilst there are existing lamps that provide a similar self levelling illumination they are done by powering up additional light sources which gives a staggered beam area; and are incorporated only in new bikes.


  • This lamp is portable between bikes.
  • Relatively cheap and so a good uptake is anticipated.
  • Provides a steady horizon illumination as the bike leans into a corner.

FOR THE NON-RIDERS: Headlamps are set to a flat horizon when the bike is vertical.

When the bike leans into a corner the headlamp beam horizon also 'leans' and adopts the same angle. This causes the beam to dip below the horizon on that side and creates blind spots for the rider by reducing the beam length; and rise above the horizon on the opposite side causing the beam to strike oncoming traffic.

NOTE: When turning in the opposite direction (we're left hand drive in NZ...), it still won't blind oncoming traffic as the beam does not travel above the horizon. However it will still provide the same illumination intensity/distance on the other side as you'd expect from a motorbike that was vertical.

Reducing blind spots in the direction of travel when cornering is most definitely better than illuminating the tops of trees on the other side of the road!

The operation of this device is very simple for the end user as below.

  1. Permanently attach the supplied lamp mount to a (near) vertical surface at the centre of the motorbike.
  2. Wire in the supplied power & earth cable to either battery or ignition (a USB cable can be supplied as an option)
  3. Attach the removable self levelling lamp.
  4. Check and adjust lamp beam aim as required (permanently mounted bracket with lockable positioning)
  5. Enjoy.

P.S. Please excuse the amateur drawing attached. The unit and its function are very simple - I hope you get the picture.


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