Zhou Engine

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This idea comes from our web article “Turbocharged Zhou Engine,” and our invention PCT/CA2014050106 (Japan granted JP6574447, and other countries are patent-pending). So we are working on it.

This invention, Zhou Engine, is an IC engine also a combustor. It uses one power-cam driving all its pistons rather than crank-link mechanisms to force its pistons' motion along an "optimized curve" rather than an approximate sine curve that of current engines. We can skillfully design the "optimized curve", make its pistons' motion complementation, produce steady flow in its intake and exhaust, and best match turbines. Thus, a Zhou Engine, turbines, and aerodynamic compressors comprise a turbocharged Zhou Engine. For the detail, please see https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/turbocharged-zhou-engine-jing-yuan-zhou, which thousands of professionals have viewed.

Thus, the turbocharged Zhou Engine can recover the residual pressure in its exhaust directly, easier and thoroughly, rather than only recover the waste heat as the current engines. It highly raises the thermal efficiency (maybe over 60%), power density, and exhaust purification. It can use in any field which has air and fuel and needs motive power, such as in a car, ship, aircraft, power plant, etc. Widely using it will reduce consumer spending hugely and be made for cutting down carbon emissions, saving natural resources, and protecting the environment. We are seeking users, partners, and financial support for it.


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    I keep seeking a more eco-friendly lifestyle, and Zhou Engine is one of them.
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