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The UNFCCC Paris Accords have a Climate Neutral Now Initiative program that all vehicles could contribute to; now. One might believe that vehicles can't participate until all issues of battery capacity, renewable electricity generation and distribution infrastructure are in place... However, there are existing technologies that could combine to significantly increase fuel efficiency, and provide the associated reduction in GHG emissions, from all vehicles; now.

The intermediate technology is the application of Full Series Hybrid Electric Vehicle (FSHEV) equipment and processes. This intermediate step could increase fuel efficiency by 200% for any and all vehicles (e.g., the Nissan Note E- Power gets more than 80 miles per gallon).

These vehicles would also bring significant Vehicle to Grid electricity generation to anywhere normal electric service has been interrupted. A conversion process could be readily available when all the ancillary capacity, required to become a Battery Electric Vehicle, exists.

This is what evolving electric motor company is doing; now.


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