A House Bush Fire Self-Erecting Cover

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Every year countless bush fires destroy homes, personal belongings, memories, and personal effects. Bush fires are now happening all over the world and the devastation is heart breaking. So, how can we look after our property and protect our memories, our children, our lives?

Being an inventor of an inflatable system that acts as a tubeless mortar, my calculations show that the mechanism can be used as a means of lifing large loads at any speed that is practible. So, can I design a cover (fire-proof) device to encase my home and protect it from flash fires and sustain bush fires? Can we quickly place a cover over the living quarters and protect our family and our property?

The answer is of course we can quickly lift a cover over these places. By a number of large tubular airbags 1/2 meters in diameter that can lift a curtain to 100 meters and then be held in position by tie ropes. The curtain is made from a flame-proof material such as Kevlar or Aramid.

A blower system as recently bought from Fantech can inflate the airbag towers.


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