PEG, the Portable Stove

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A handheld induction stove powered by a rechargeable battery. It comes with a cooking cup(s) that can be affixed to allow movement while cooking and multiple users to cook separate items without a clean in between. PEG will consist of a ZVC module, a copper coil, and a rechargeable battery. PEG is an alternative to burning wood or fuel while hiking. It's a great way for someone without power to warm up some soup.



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    Damien Wade
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    A few years ago, while driving, I thought, how can I have some hot popcorn in the car without pulling over. So I began researching a method to safely cook some popcorn in the car. Unfortunately, after searching for some time, I realized nothing quite fitted my needs or delivered the results. So that is when I decided to make PEG.
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