Celcy - the Automated Nespresso of Food

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Increased food and labor prices have caused profitability to become near impossible for restaurants and food producers. Consumer demand for convenience and variety has skyrocketed. Consumers currently spend seventeen days a year on meal preparation and cleanup or 325% more to eat out. Current solutions are no longer optimal or are not working anymore. They take too long, eat too much profit, have poor consumer feedback, or sacrifice quality. That is where we come in.

For the last 4 years, Counter-Intuitive Cooking Inc. (CICI) has been developing Celcy, the Nespresso of food. Celcy is a patented. IOT, autonomous, countertop robot that combines a freezer and an oven to offer unparalleled, on demand, quality food. The freezer stores 5 premade meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, etc.) and lets the user select a meal from their phone, tablet, or connected device. Celcy then moves it to the oven to be baked, broiled, air fried, convection, or conduction cooked, whatever the meal requires; all transparent to the user.

Celcy handles the cooking details including style of cooking (broil, bake, convection, etc.), duration, and when to start it in order to have it ready when you want it. Additionally, we sync the food data to the user’s profile so they can track their caloric and macro-nutritional intake. You can learn more on our website (Celcy.com).

The process is simple. The user loads their meals that they order from our website and have delivered to their door. Then meals are scanned by Celcy and loaded to the user’s online profile. Then, from their phone or connected device, they simply select one of the meals they loaded, choose when they want it, and then relax. Celcy will take the meal from the freezer and put it into the oven, cook it in the appropriate style for the correct amount of time, and have it ready exactly when the user wants it. No physical participation required. Wake up to a hot breakfast, check-in to a hotel room to dinner waiting, or start lunch for your aging mother completely remotely.



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