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My goal of creating advertising layouts for the automotive industry is to change the very concept of building advertising images in the content of the semantic line of advertising projects consisting of the harmony of high technology and the perfection of nature in the future! Modern advertising has become formulaic and fractal, and therefore the potential consumer becomes passive to new developments in the field of technology. With the economic and energy crisis, there will be a slow decline in sales and production, so I think we need a different concept of advertising, which will be less aggressive but more expressive and perhaps abstract in places, since the future is created from abstract images. The same goes for air travel advertising.


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    Rustam Makhkamov
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    My images were based on the products of Ferrari and Jaguar. The design of Ferrari cars resembles the grace of a young girl with a hidden nature of passion. Plus, the horse emblem embodies the power and wildness of a horse combined with centuries-old traditions of art, starting with the artist Leanardo da Vinci, who was the first to create a prototype of a modern helicopter... and ending with the musical performances of Pucinni, Paganini and Albioni, where the passion for life and the future is seen in everything... As for the Jaguar car, I tried to create an image of a gracefully graceful predator striving for the future... 3 the advertising layout concerns the aerospace industry, In 1983 I heard the muses. a composition called "Airplane among the stars" and I wanted to create a visual image of this composition, and after 40 years I was able to recreate a long-standing idea with the help of digital technologies. To do this, I used a Boeing aircraft because I believe that Boeing has advanced and avant-garde technologies for interplanetary flights! (I hope that these 3 companies will not make claims to me for violating the rights to their products, since these are advertising layouts for images of new small companies that want to start their business from zero, and with whom I wanted to collaborate as an ART designer)
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