iChessOne: The First FOLDABLE Electronic Chessboard

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iChessOne is the first foldable, full-size tournament electronic chessboard with online chess server integration, elegantly crafted from natural wood, with attention to detail that any chess master would admire. It’s a traditional wooden chessboard, but inside are electronic boards specially designed with microcontrollers and an advanced sensor matrix that detects the exact location and name of each element. With a combination of magnetic sensors for quick recognition of the general condition and NFC antennas for confirming changes. Our exclusive set includes the world-famous Staunton 5 chess pieces, converted to be electronic. All of this makes the iChessOne intuitive and responsive.

What really makes iChessOne extraordinary is being able to fold the chessboard thanks to the unique contactless data transmission between each half of the iChessOne chessboard.

We provide a simplified way of organizing user pieces. The set includes 32 standard pieces and 2 additional queens for the pawn promotion. A specially designed insert allows gamers to store all the elements inside the board: 34 pieces, USB cable, mobile phone stand and a pen. For user convenience, it is perfectly nested, so he doesn't need an additional box or bag to store the pieces. All elements are stored inside the chessboard, which creates an elegant wooden case.

The chessboard doesn’t need any external device like a computer or dedicated controller to connect, install or start to play. All what is need is the iChessOne set, mobile phone (with our app) and power source (eg. power bank). Easy, quick, and portable. The set is ready to play under 3 seconds! iChessOne will give the users a real, physical game experience wherever they are and with whom they want to play. They can experience the real game on their board when playing against someone online, even when they don't use an iChessOne chessboard and play on their smartphone or computer. However, when using their own iChessOne they will also experience the magical feeling when moves reflect on their board in real time.

iChessOne is a bridge between players around the world.

Features of iChessOne:

  • Portable - dedicated contactless data transmitters that enable signal transmission between the two halves and assembly of the chessboard
  • Light indicators – LEDs let you know when to start, where to move opponent’s pieces as well as inform you about an incorrect movement
  • Pieces recognition - smart RFID sensors recognize all the pieces on the board
  • Bluetooth LE – low power consumption wireless connection of your chessboard to our app
  • Classic wooden chess board- for fans of naturalness, it is a traditional wooden tournament chessboard with electronic features
  • Tournament size - tournament size chessboard with Staunton 5 pieces, which is officially approved by the International Chess Federation
  • Magnetic connector - allows you to connect power source (i.e., power bank) to the chessboard
  • Dedicated application - enables integration with global chess platform like lichess.org and the analysis of player games
  • All in one - all components: 34 pieces (with two extra queens)
  • Develops creativity and unconventional thinking!



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    Janusz Lisowski
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    Janusz Lisowski, Lech Bakalarz, Kinga Huminska-Lisowska
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