Odorless Litter Box Enclosure

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This revolution in litter box technology converts the ammonia gassing off the cat’s urine into odorless nitrate using a 3-stage patented biological filter. No expensive filter cartridges to change, ever! This is a living natural solution to the largest problem in the pet industry. A small but powerful blower fan pulls the air from the litter box pushing it through the 3 stages of biological filters. Each stage is connected to a living plant via a patented nozzle. Some air flows into the plant’s roots through the patented nozzle with moisture creating conditions for aerobic beneficial bacterial growth. The aerobic bacteria migrate into the biological filter as the ammonia gas is captured, consuming and reducing the ammonia to nitrite, then nitrate. System comes with an LED growing light on a 12-hour timer.

This product looks as good as it works creating an attractive small greenwall and decorative box for the cat litter pan. Plants are maintained by the system all that is needed for maintenance is adding water to the system each time you scoop the box. Fertilizer for the plants is provided by the breakdown of ammonia to nitrate. For a single cat scoop litter every 3-4 days, for two cats every 2 days. Water added to the system flows through with any excess collecting into a secondary beaker, this nutrient rich water is great for watering any of your house plants. if you want more fertilized water just add more to the system. The odorless litter box converts a harmful noxious gas into a harmless odorless liquid using a safe natural process. This product also saves time, all you do is scoop and top, there is no need to remove and clean the litter pan weekly because ammonia does not collect and infuse into surrounding area.

Unlike traditional carbon filters which load up with pollution quickly the odorless litter box continues to get more efficient and better with time as the natural biology of the system establishes itself. Scooping the litter box (while still a chore) is not as awful to clean because odors are not allowed to build and sit in and around the box. This product is available on ETSY.



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