Human Friendly Mug

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The CURVD® Ergonomic mug adds a new level of comfort to your morning coffee. The award-winning patent-pending handle transfers the weight of the drink to the muscles and not to the joints. This way the mug requires minimum effort to pick up and allows for a more enjoyable experience for all users while still being accessible to the elderly and those with disabilities, creating a friendlier, more inclusive environment for everyone.

Amin and Jed met in Brooklyn in 2016 through a mutual, after designing 3D printable assistive devices for people with disabilities, they launched a project called Blue Heart Hero. They created a network of industrial designers and the disability community. Today their project is sponsored by Xometry, the largest network of manufacturers in the U.S.

Amin spoke at the International Design Conference 2021 by IDSA and shared his concerns about how society defines disability and separates the differently-abled. The problem is not people's abilities, it is the design of the products, services, and tasks around us.

Amin and Jed decided to redesign everyday products with everyone in mind. After reviewing lots of products, they decided to start with improving the promotional white ceramic mugs. After hundreds of prototypes, testing with the disabled community members, elderlies, abled bodies, and others, the latest version of the CURVD® mug was born.

In 2021, the CURVD® mug was one of the top 100 designs by the Innovation magazine and Yanko Design called it the product that breaks biases. CURVD® exists to redesign everyday houseware products with everyone in mind to create a world that includes all the underrepresented communities.

CURVD® is a mission-oriented consumer houseware product. The CURVD® team challenges the status quo of everyday products through inclusivity, accessibility, aesthetics, and premium materials.



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    Amin Hasani
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    In 2017, I started a project called Blue Heart Hero with my friend in Brooklyn, NY. We started designing open-source 3D printable solutions to everyday problems of those with disabilities.
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    Onshape, Autodesk Fusion 360, Keyshot, Unreal Engine 4
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