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The PlaxiBATH is an assistive bath device designed to provide personal hygiene and safety without or minimizing the aid of a caregiver, boasting a slew of built-in safety features (e.g., a panic button and anti-fall detection) for the convenience of the elderly and people with mobility difficulties (monoplegia, hemiplegia, paraplegia and quadriplegia). Easily transported by hand to be stationed at the most convenient places for user access. For the peace of mind of the children/caretakers of loved ones, by being able to monitor whether their parents have missed their baths and be remotely and automatically notified in the event of an accident. The ability to safely and comfortably take a hot bath wherever is most convenient, ensuring a truly portable, and most importantly, safe experience.

PlaxiBATH uniquely employs a drawbridge system that functions initially as an entry ramp and once the user is seated comfortably inside, the ramp will retract to close the opening, forming a watertight seal. By activating a switch, the user can enable either warm or cold water to start filling the tub. In cold climates, warm water can be directed to cascade down their neck and body, thus providing them with instant warmth and the resultant water will be used to fill up the tub. On the other hand, while waiting for the water to be emptied. The user can activate warm air to flow out from the bottom of the bath seat and this will prevent any coldness while waiting for the door to open.

The design innovations and considerations put in place to ensure a truly risk-free portable bathing rig that can accommodate a wide variety of physical limitations of the user, even those who are wheelchair-bound. A product with no true existing competitors in the market as previous attempts of ‘alternative’ bath setups are either exorbitantly priced or simply ineffective products. PlaxiBATH replaces most conventional bathtub designs, as well as outdated walk-in bathtubs designs by taking into consideration modern technology and innovations. Finally, as an improved alternative to cumbersome portable bathing-options used by high-end healthcare providers that often require multiple attendants. Bath devices prioritizing such high levels of safety are hardly a dime a dozen.

There is an inherent use for this product for those experiencing restricted movement (especially for those who have suffered a stroke lately and therefore have weak legs), even with more severe circumstances such as being wheelchair-bound. The appeal of being able to take a proper bath with no compromises despite this is a big motivation to buy. We have received inquiries from hospitals, handicap centres, nursing/retirement homes as well as medical equipment suppliers on supplying PlaxiBATH to their centres.

We have already obtained several quotations which have clearly priced our devices very competitively. We are planning to price our devices to be sold at around USD3K – USD10K, below the prices of existing conventional bathtubs currently in-market. Even in the event of unexpected costs requiring higher pricing, our device is likely to remain marginally competitive still.


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    Stefan Chew
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    Stefan Chew
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    The SafeBATHs were inspired by bathing safety issues my mother faced. Since then, I knew that more had to be done to ensure people of old age or those with mobility difficulties could take a bath in both safety and comfort.
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