Petron Plus Formula 7 Industrial Super Lube

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Petron Plus Formula 7 Industrial Super Lube ISL) is made from a unique formulation of the highest quality petroleum base stocks available fortified with Petron Plus Formula 7 state of the art nano additive technology to enhance oxidation resistance and provide maximum protection against wear, rust, and corrosion.

Petron Plus ISL is a multi-purpose super lubricant designed for general maintenance use, from home use to heavy industrial plant projects. We increased the drill bit life by 417% of one company that was drilling stainless steel.

It’s a non-flammable (it contains NO Solvents), non-conductive, super lubricating film that coats and penetrates metal surfaces to provide the longest-lasting lubricating action available (up to ten times the life of other products). This product can also be packaged as an aerosol that contains no CFC’s which deplete the ozone layer. ISL is the “new standard” in protection. One (1) aerosol can, will last longer than a case of other national aerosol products. It can be made with synthetic oils and is also available in a Biodegradable formula.

Petron Plus ISL can be used as a metalworking lube, way oil, or on any vehicle, marine, sports gear or guns, chains, cables, railroad equipment, farm machinery, or earth-moving and off-road equipment.

Test was conducted by the FBI. They tested a H&K MP5, 9mm sub-machine gun. This firearm has a very high cyclic rate around 800 rounds per minute with ISL. They have lots of lubricant failures using xx (national brand) lubricants. The guns get hot and then they jam.

The MP-5 was left in direct sunlight to heat up. The test was to see if there was a TD (time differential) that could be recorded. A timer that is used by pistol marksmen was used to record the time relay. The firearm was thoroughly cleaned and degreased, and dried before applying a coating of xx to the action. They fired a total of five (5), 30 round magazines for the test of this lubricant. These five (5) tests averaged a TD of 2.8 seconds. They loaded another magazine and the gun jammed with 11 rounds left in the magazine.

The MP-5 was allowed to cool for an hour before they began the test with Petron Plus Industrial Super Lube (ISL). Everything was repeated as far as the preparation and cleaning was concerned. The MP-5 was lubed with ISL and allowed to “cure” for 20 minutes. The first magazine timed in at 1.9 seconds. After firing the other four magazines they had an average TD with Petron Plus ISL in the MP-5, of 1.13 seconds, this is equivalent of 300 rounds more per minute. The rate of fire was so fast that the MP-5 would be empty before the first shell casing hit the ground. Secondly, it was fired a total of 250 rounds thru the MP-5 and could not get it to slow or jam.


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