Jar Mate™

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Jar Mate (patent pending) is a versatile suite of adapters easily fastening to discarded jars and cans, converting them into attractive stylish vessels for drinking, vases and more. This incentivizes the repurposing of discarded jars, both plastic and glass to keep them out of the costly recycling and waste streams and out of the environment.

The main adapter has a unique thread-less coupling allowing quick easy fastening over the threaded lip of the jar, with a stylish rim while achieving a tight seal. Variations include an adjustable handle and flow rate holes. The flow rate holes allow low flow rate for hot liquids to prevent scalding. As the beverage cools down the next size flow rate hole is easily accessed.

The drink protector prevents ice cubes from diluting the drinks upon melting and prevents the ice-often made from contaminated drinking water from polluting the drink upon melting. This mitigates serious health risks associated with contaminated drinking water.

The drink protector is made of a re-usable plastic bag who's opening fits on the tubular extension which itself extends from the adapter down to the main interior volume of the jar. The bag occupies the central portion of the jar. Ice can then be poured into the drink protector from the major opening of the main jar adapter atop the jar.

Thermal liners fit on the tubular extension converting jars into thermoses or travel mugs. The Jar provides a dead air space between the inner wall of the jar and the thermal liner.

Jar Mate reduces consumption of resources mainly plastic and glass and silica, (the main component of glass) and steel by repurposing glass and plastic jars and cans. Silica is scarce prompting the illegal harvesting of sand from pristine beaches and river beds around the globe destroying ecosystems. The environmental issues surrounding plastic are well known. Jar Mate mitigates the unsafe drinking water problem by providing a protective barrier between ice and the beverage being consumed.

Consumers can obtain extra Jar Mate adapters for their excess recycled jars making finished glass and plastic ware for resale on retail platforms, ex: Etsy and Amazon, creating a whole new cottage industry. Regional franchises could be set up around transfer stations and be paid for the jars to offset processing costs allowing a higher volume production of finished glass and plastic ware.

Jar Mate is easy and intuitive to assemble. In third world regions, with oversight and organization it can employ many sectors with varied education levels to collect and process discarded jars and assemble them into finished products for resale creating jobs in third world regions.

Jar Mate improves over an existing jar adapter which just adds a handle to a jar is far more versatile addressing health, safety and environmental issues. Jar Mate has global applications and global market potential as a premier green product in the emerging green economy. Jar Mate can be made with Injection molding and 3-D printing and be cost competitive with similar products while providing added value.



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