Cordless Box Wrench

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Initially designed for the automotive industry, the Cordless Box Wrench was developed to gain access to hard-to-reach fasteners, and reduce the amount of time needed to complete repair jobs and projects. However, it has been found that this tool is more utilitarian, and can be used on home projects, or wherever a box wrench may be needed.

This power tool can be fitted with different sized wrench heads that house an appropriate insert for various fastener sizes. This design allows the wrench to be more compact, and give the ability to switch between SAE and metric fasteners with ease, as well as reduce cost. In the event that the fastener requires more torque to break free than the wrench motor can produce, a lock mechanism is incorporated into the design to allow the user to use more force to loosen the fastener. The controls of the tool are simple, using a switch to move in forward or reverse, and a trigger to control the speed and power of the motor.

Power is transmitted from the motor to the insert through a planetary gear set, and then to the coupler. A splined drive shaft connects to the coupler, and turns the insert by means of a modified ring and pinion gear set. A series of self-oiling bushings keeps everything centered and running smoothly. This design was used due to reliability and manufacturability, as well as a way to maximize available resources and lower the cost to build the initial prototype.

The design of the wrench allows for a potential to have additional attachments and extensions, to create a universal tool that would create its own space in toolboxes, and could potentially eliminate the need for multiple tools with a single purpose.


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