Personalized UV Disinfectant Torch

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This product is a kind of personal protection equipment. UV torch contains both UV-A and UV-C LED inside. UV-C Light for disinfecting the surfaces from bacteria and most viruses. UV-A light is used to detect bacteria from surfaces. Most of the bacteria absorb UV light and luminescence after that then we detect them on the surface.

Also Includes the option to use just UV-C LED’s for germicidal applications.(UV-A is optional.) To disinfect the surface, we need 5 to 10 minutes of exposure time to the surface. We will use this torch to disinfect wallets, mobile phones, stationery, car keys, door handle, railings, keypads, mice, trackpads, etc. The size of the torch is very small, it fits in your pocket as well. You can use it as a keychain with your keys.

Torch contains 4xAA rechargeable batteries and a Micro USB charging point to charge.

Caution: ( Direct exposure of skin and eyes to UVC radiation from some UVC Source may cause painful eye injury and burn-like skin reactions. Never look directly at a UVC lamp source. )



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    Dax Patel
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    In Covid-19 world suffer from a different variant of spreads through various mediums like touch, sneezing in public, handshakes, touching other's things, common surfaces at home and offices, etc.
    I want to make something small which easy to carry for people and use anywhere they want.
    This small Torch help to disinfect those surfaces and keep them virus and bacteria-free.
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    Autodesk Fusion360
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