Shoe Insole/Insert

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This new inventive concept is to improve shock absorption, cushioning, spring and comfort for shoes. In particular athletic shoes are subjected to forces from running, jumping and walking. The traditional approach has been cushioning with foams or air bladders. While these are reasonably effective, they will compress or deteriorate over time and use. This new concept has the V elements separated, but connected into smaller sections as required by the application. They can be attached to a mesh-like foundation and top to allow for better air circulation and control.

The “V” shape legs can be made short or long depending on the location and desired application. It can also be configured as a “V” or an “inverted V “. (Figure 1). They can be stacked and assembled as a lattice. This configuration can be made from polymers, polyurethanes, co-polymers,carbon fiber or any durable, flexible material.


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