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BlisCare is an EdTech innovation that aims to provide affordable digital education solutions for visually impaired students with a Digital Braille Display System (Braille Tablet) which can replicate at real time into digital braille (in the form of Digital Tablet) that will replicate any text, graphical diagram to standard Braille, at affordable cost. At the same time it reduces the cost burden of current education model while providing access to unlimited content (online & offline) which is currently not accessible to the visually impaired community.

BlisCare believes in creating and nurturing the best possible learning environment for students in Specially-Abled community by innovating the way in which education is delivered to them.


  1. There are 63 million visually impaired people in India. Of these, only 5% are getting any sort of education due to lack of braille literacy.
  2. Production of Braille formatted books are very expensive and can go up to 50 INR per page. Also, currently available Braille printers are beyond affordability range.
  3. Only a small portion of content is adapted according to the visually impaired student’s needs and new-updated curriculums are not available in Braille format.


  1. Braille display system (Braille Tablet) for institutes and visually impaired individuals will enable proper access to educational content by all students, by digitalizing Braille at a low and affordable cost.
  2. Proper adapted and updated content in grade-1 & grade-2 braille implementing standard rules will provide best compatibility for learning with updated & unlimited content access.


  1. Unique bulge-out mechanism for Braille device developed by our team which is at least 3x cost efficient and can also be scaled up quickly.
  2. 2 Patents (Process + Design) is barrier to entry.
  3. 25x less maintenance cost than other technologies.
  4. Complete open-source content platform for the visually impaired individual and community.



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    Chinmaya Naik
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  • Chinmaya is inspired by:
    1. We have visually impaired in family, which is biggest inspiration to design this digital innovation for all visually impaired.
    2. Being volunteer in specially abled NGOs, is something that connects us with visually impaired user.
    3. We just exploring, experimenting, developing and implementing new innovations.
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    Azure Platform (cloud + IOT Hub), COMSOL (Testing), VSCode, Matlab, Rhino (Design)
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