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ForHer is a cross-platform mobile application that enables ladies to purchase pads from the nearest store.

The program can be used by everyone, and not just her. Even us, the fathers, brothers, husbands, friends and boyfriends.

I realized some of our ladies have a tough time buying menstrual wear or equipment, like us guys, situations arise, and things happen …they could be too busy, feel weird about having to visit a store to buy them or out of reach from a selling point.

Putting up selling points (pad boxes) around cities and countries will enable ladies from different parts of the world to use the services.

We can involve shop owners to take part in product distribution but the vision is to start our own selling points (pad boxes).

This way we can ensure proper service and product delivery. We can’t also expect the seller to get it on delivery to the buyer.

The application will provide jobs to the youth working in pad boxes, delivering services, programmers, people in marketing.

The application will also provide period awareness tips, menstrual and medical tips on a daily basis from professionals.

How it works:

One will have to download the application on either their phone or iPhone. Register and login as a new user which will also include profile customization (user locations too).

The user page will consist of the current nearest retailer location on a minimap. Entries about her previous activity on the app. Like how many times she has made purchases, and deliveries.

Place an order for a particular type of pads from the nearest selling point.

The order will be received and logged at the backend of the application sharing this information with the nearest selling point depending on the user’s location and processed for delivery.

It won’t just be orders, they could be SoS calls for emergencies will be allowed too. The application will be built using Google’s flutter which enables programmers to write cross platform applications to support both Android and iPhone.

Two more applications will have to be in place to support ForHer. One will handle orders at selling points, this can be a web application built with react js and node.

The other will be for the good people delivering pad boxes to users. Riders will have to keep track of the current user’s location to best know where to deliver. This will only happen when an order is placed and processed successfully. Privacy is very important too.

Google firebase services for backend services will be used during development and real-time online maps to ensure location services.

The vision of the application is to provide services for our ladies, mothers, daughters.

In addition, If it wasn't for a lady, we wouldn't have been here, right now trying to build this, let alone be able to participate in this competition. So we too want to dedicate this program to all other women out there.


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