Smart Helmet for Miners

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There is a significant need for coal and coal miners in the modern world. With the increase in the demand for coal miners, they experience higher risks to life. A smart helmet is an upgraded version of a miners' original helmet. This smart helmet has the necessary elements to make the coal miners' lives more manageable. To ensure safety, the coal miners can monitor air quality, pressure and altitude, radiation, body temperature, and body conditions. This helmet also has a safe respiratory mask with a HEPA filter.

The Helmet has the necessary sensors to detect and identify any hazard that might prove lethal to them. All the data collected by the sensors are sent securely using Lo-Ra Wireless communication modules and received at the management desk by Lo-Ra receivers. The information is then uploaded to the cloud using the internet of things network and accessible to the higher authorities.

The mask incorporated with this helmet comprises three layers: a coarse cloth net filter for the outside, a fine cloth filter, and a High-Efficiency particulate Air filter layer for filtering out all the illness-causing and carcinogenic dust which comes while mining. With the help of this mask, Black lung disease, a lethal, prevalent disease among coal mine workers, can be prevented.

All the data acquired by the sensors and some instructions sent to the worker by the management desk can be viewed by the Heads-Up Display, which is conveniently placed on the helmet’s visor and is designed so that it does not interfere with their work.


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