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DreamBox aims to give a new concept to classic piggy banks by encouraging and educating children to save money in a fun way. It helps children save money for two separate goals. After they decide their goals, they can find the picture of their goals, write about their goals on a post-it or draw about them, then put them on the cork board on the front face of the containers by using pins. The children should allocate their money according to their decision; the top compartment for the cheaper goal, the other for the more expensive one. If a child changes her/his mind and decides to invest her/his money in the larger compartment, s/he can pull the sliding caps between the 2 compartments and the money in the top container will fall into the container below. Thus, if the child could waive the cheaper wish, s/he could buy the expensive one.

Through the plexy back face, children can see the inside of the box and their cumulative money. It increases their motivation to save more. These two containers are attached to each other through magnets, so children can easily detach them when they want to reach the money inside the containers. Also, the children can attach them to the metal surface, use them separately, or carry them inside their backpacks. These boxes, are made of wood by wood bending technique and plexiglass. These materials are not only very light and useful, but also healthy for children.

Thanks to DreamBox, children learn to make money and invest while having fun.


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    Karya Dirik
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    I got inspiration from everyday things. One of my favorite things to do in life is to observe people, their movements, their habits, and their repetitive actions. These small gestures are the biggest clues that can be extracted from users. Every object or experience to be designed is hidden within these everyday things.
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