The Concert Hands System

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The Concert Hands System (CHS) is the first to utilize Robotics and Haptic Technology to teach piano playing in a new and non-traditional way. The future of piano learning is here. Man and machine are now joined together to permit anyone regardless of musical talent or experience to play beautiful music in a matter of minutes. A brand new product for learning to play the Piano, Electronic Keyboard or Single Keyboard Organ. The Concert Hands has you playing in minutes. Features consist of wrist pilots that gently guide your hands to each area of the keyboard and custom designed finger sleeves that lightly signal each finger as to when to press the keys. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a complete beginner and no matter where you wish to play -- stage, studio or the comfort of your home -- you’ll love playing the piano with the CHS. The CHS incorporates Augmented Musical Instrument Technology with an Easy-To-Use software program, giving you the most exciting piano playing experience possible.

NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) has created a movement known as RMM (Recreational Music Making) specifically targeting the 90% of people that do not play a musical instrument but wished they did. This 90% of individuals believe they do not have the talent or time to play a musical instrument. The CHS was specifically created to radically change that belief.

According to this movement, the majority of people completely or mostly agree that benefits for children and teenagers playing musical instruments include:

  • Helping a child develop creativity (97 percent total, 59 percent completely and 37 strongly agree)
  • Helping develop teamwork skills from playing in a school band (96 percent total, 51 percent completely and 45 percent strongly agree)
  • Helping a child’s overall intellectual development (94 percent total, 45 percent completely and 49 percent strongly agree)
  • Relieving stress and providing relaxation, which is needed during these troubled economic times (94 percent with half completely agreeing)
  • Helping make friends (93 percent total with 42 percent completely agreeing)
  • Helping prepare them to be creative and innovative in the workforce (91 percent total, 42 percent completely and 49 percent strongly agree)
  • Yielding better grades, teaches discipline, motivates them to stay in school (88 percent total, 36 percent completely and 52 percent strongly agree)
  • Making you smarter (83 percent total with 37 percent completely agreeing)

According to "The Music Trades" the market for musical instruments grows steadily each year. The inclusion of the CHS into this industry will only increase revenues, thus stimulating even more growth throughout all music product markets.

This product represents a new product category to the musical instrument industry. There is no direct competition at this time. The only products on the market that help simplify the learning process for playing the piano are: keyboards with lighted keys and music software that has graphical keyboards, verbal and written instructions. While this is informative, it does not move your hands or signal your fingers like the CHS.



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    Gus Caicedo
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    I have always wanted to play a musical instrument but not having any musical talent kept me from trying. As a design engineer I started looking and experimenting with ideas and concepts that finally lead to the Concert Hands. Once I developed the concept on paper I started to get feedback from family and friends. This sharing of the concept demonstrated to me that I was not the only one that could benefit from this product. It took me a considerable amount of time and my own money but I was able to complete the prototype as you see it in the pictures. I also paid for the video and hope to get it in production some day.
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