Compressent Desk Chair

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The Compressent Desk Chair is the first product that offers the therapeutic feature of self-regulated compression to enhance employee productivity. The benefits of pressure on the body have been proven to calm the nervous system. Several products aimed at providing compression have been introduced over the years, such as weighted vests, belts, and blankets, which exploded onto the market in 2017, growing from a $15 million market to one now valued at nearly $530 million. Although the Compressent Desk Chair was originally designed for people with autism, it is not only for people on the autism spectrum; it is for anyone who needs access to the benefits of compression to manage stress, anxiety, or overstimulation and provides it in a way that does not stigmatize them.

Accommodating sensory issues can ease discomfort and increase opportunities for people to integrate and be more productive. Accommodations usually mean modifying the environment, using tools and strategies that can disrupt work in a public environment and create stigma for both the individual and others around them. Compressent LLC evolved around the need to fill a massive gap in the market for products that can be integrated into any environment without stigma. Compressent LLC responds to this need by creating sensory-oriented and wellness-centered products.

Applying pressure (or compression) on specific points on the nervous system, such as the shoulders and outer thighs, can ease the effects of stress and overstimulation. The Compressent Desk Chair has subtle armature and panels that exert pressure on these points, which the user can self-regulate. Deep pressure touch, particularly when it can be self-controlled, alleviates the need for the user to disconnect to calm down.

The Compressent Desk Chair will help the 50,200,000 American adults affected by mental health conditions who struggle with sensory integration, such as individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). However, the Compressent Desk Chair is for anyone who experiences stress or anxiety—because compression calms everyone. The Compressent Desk Chair is a wellness product that helps mitigate stress for users and its negative effect on health indicators while enhancing productivity in their everyday lives.

The Compressent Desk Chair is an elegant and innovative product that will improve the lives of neurodiverse individuals, while providing a wellness solution that anyone can use to cope with stress.


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    A couple years ago, I had a conversation with a biomechanical engineer, about proprioception, sensory input, and the individual’s subconscious awareness of the body in space. In doing further research, I found that people on the autism spectrum, in particular, experience difficulty with this. What I learned resonated with me, as I am on the spectrum. It reinforced things I personally experienced, such as a lack of coordination and the way a hug’s compression has a calming effect. As someone with Asperger’s who was practically non-verbal until the age of 19, I have a unique insight into designing for unnamed stresses and how to cope with them. I started looking for products on the market that provide compression to help people self-calm and be productive. What I learned is that there are very few products available; some examples include weighted blankets, weighted belts, and pressure vests. These products all have one thing in common: they create stigma for users in public spaces, compelling them to disconnect from their environment. I found that nothing exists for an individual who is experiencing stress, anxiety, or sensory overload to use at work. I saw this as an opportunity to create products that could offer compression (or pressure) to calm overstimulation to help people remain engaged in their work. This led to the creation of the Compressent Desk Chair.

    My designs are inspired by the needs of neurodiverse individuals and the imperative to find solutions that are rooted in universal design. My goal is to explore and develop other products that help neurodiverse individuals manage in the world—even if they are not actively aware that barriers exist for them. I am dedicated to ensuring that all people have access to opportunities to achieve the highest possible quality of life. I strive to create opportunities for individuals to integrate into society without barriers or exceptions.
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