The Lok Box

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The Lok Box is designed to eliminate porch package theft by securing itself to any residence or building with just two anchor screws on inside the bottom of its base. The Lok Box is two structures in one. The outer structure can be made to resemble the house or building it rests on. Choose any material to match the look and feel of the house or building which will allow the Lok Box to blend with any environment. Its inner core, called the cage, is the secret weapon that makes theft nearly impossible to remove it from judgment foundation once the large anchors are fastened to a porch as an example. It allows for full customization based on customers preferences, size, color, and more. The base model comes with motion sensors, it will not lock if it detects any movement at all. It also has an option to be fitted with an air purifier device that kills all known airborne bacteria, that includes COVID-19 and Anthrax! This technology is on the International Space Station.

The Lok Box is one of four versions of this technology. Can be configured for AC or solar battery power. I purposely created this product to be very simple to construct for a 3D designer/developer, I have one in mind, for creating a working pre-production model for modest investment from a likeminded financial partner. I'm going to lease the technology to the Amazon's and FedEx's of the world to recoup a partner's investment. I have invented 3 other technologies as well! If I were to win, I would take most of my profits and fix places like Flint, Michigan with full access to the best air and water systems on the planet. One more thing. I hope to quadruple the prize money for next year's contest! I plan to donate prize money for your contest next year even if I don't win. Thanks again. Dwayne.

P.S. The Lok Box will have a chance to replace every mailbox on Earth at some point. It could replace our luggage or make a secure storage inside the trunk of future EV vehicles.


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    Dwayne Majors
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    We're about to enter the greatest technological shift in human history. I've been waiting for this to happen for 25 years. The world lost two unknown innovators last year. My oldest brother, Jimmie Granger and Fred L. Baldwin. They will contribute to this coming change by my expanding their ideas well into the future
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