Apple Watch Clip Case

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Turn your clipboard into a smart clipboard, your shirt pocket into a smart pocket. Any visor, belt or whatever you can imagine now can hold your smart watch without having to wear it on your wrist. It can also be clipped to a string and worn like a lanyard, perfect for coaches or instructors, etc. Perfect for those who cannot wear a watch at work or just prefer to wear a classic watch on their wrist and still have the abilities of the smart watch available.

Great gift for health care providers that are not allowed to wear watches at work due to regulations.

Step counter still functions while clipped on or carried.

Measure yours or someone else's vitals by turning the watch upside down to expose the sensors then clip under a sports bra or waistband so sensors are in complete contact with skin (see pictures). Requires an app on your phone to track vitals, available in your app store on your phone.

Comfortable way to hold and protect your watch while playing one of the many free games available. My fav is bubble wrap popper, it turns the watch face into bubble wrap that you can pop with your finger.



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    Gordon Lardi
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    practicality and simplicity, every design choice should have a good reason behind it
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